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Pochette bar & restaurant


Project 2020
Dimitris Spyrou

The pochette all day bar restaurant in Megara, was studied by our team highlighting the natural materials and the green as basic elements of the design. The different textures and geometries that have been used create a new experience for the user as he discovers the space. The combination of geometric patterns on the tiles found on the wall surfaces, the wooden floor in the shape of herringbone, the wooden cladding surfaces as well as the bronze details and the lighting elements with opal balls create an unexpected retro atmosphere with the combination of these . The color of the furniture are in earthy shades which blend nicely with the wooden surfaces. The exterior of the store is in the same logic as the interior and wicker lamps and carpets are added, which create a sense of comfort and intimacy.

Pochette_hr-3.jpg / Pochette bar & restaurant
Pochette_hr-14.jpg / Pochette bar & restaurant
Pochette_hr-7.jpg / Pochette bar & restaurant
Pochette_hr-9.jpg / Pochette bar & restaurant
Pochette_hr-5.jpg / Pochette bar & restaurant
Pochette_hr-15.jpg / Pochette bar & restaurant
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